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Join us here in beautiful Newport, Oregon

February 9, 2016

The waves are crashing with the epic sound of the power of nature. Can’t you feel the sand between your toes as you walk hand in hand with the one you love? Do you feel the warm sun folding into night, as it sets to one of the most spectacular sunset’s imaginable? We can and would love to invite you to join us here in beautiful Newport, Oregon as we celebrate the month of true loves first kiss.

There is always something new and exciting to do. This month we have our Yearly Seafood and Wine festival that runs from the 25th through the 28th of February. It features a wide selection of local restaurant vendors and features the very best seafood Newport has to offer. On average over 17,000 people flock to the festival, among them are local wine crafters from all over the region. If great seafood and wine is not your thing, not to worry they also feature local arts and crafts. So there is something savory for everyone. For more information about this upcoming treat please visit their web site www.seafoodandwine.com.

We also have a few delightful events happening the weekend of the 12th. Among them is Nye beaches’ Mystery weekend. It will be packed full of murder and mayhem as this family fun event has people from all over collecting clues from the local businesses here in the historic district just two short blocks from our Inn. Will you be the one who solves the mystery of “who done it? Or was it the washed up starlet from 1961?” To find more information about this even among others please visit www.discovernewport.com/news.

Now it’s time for the juicy gossip. Our Inn here in the historic Nye beach is undergoing an exciting new renovation. We are adding a 15ft by 20ft infinity spa, gas lit fire places and an additional 18 rooms. Not to worry it is all due to be completed by the first week of June. We also would like to invite you to check out our Facebook page as there will be updates and photos of the construction in progress. One of our staff favorites is the new soaking tubs that will be included in our new room types. We look forward to seeing you this month!